1. What is so good about e-books?
E-books are a quick and convenient way to buy, read and keep the books you want. They can be downloaded in a matter of seconds and you can store thousands of e-books on a single device.

2. Do I need a Laptop or iPad to read an e-book?
No, you can read e-books on all kinds of e-readers as well as on your PC, Mac, Tablet, Android, iPhone or iPod touch.

3. Are the e-books in color or black and white?
Our e-books are in black and white (text), apart from graphics (images) which are in color.

4. With which devices are Your Digital Center’s e-books compatible?
E-books available for download through YourDigitalCenter.com are compatible with most popular devices.

5. Can I read my e-book on more than one device?
Yes. You can download our e-books onto multiple devices. The download links are active in multiple formats upon purchase and expire in 7 calendar days.

6. What formats are available to download?
For now we only offer the PDF format, but we will be adding MOBI (for Kindle), and ePUB in the very near future.

7. Payment method
Currently we use PayPal, but you can also pay with your credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account by clicking on the Paypal link.

8. Refunds
Due to the nature of the content being digitally offered, we do not offer refunds.