DLSR Camera

Understanding DSLR Video Camera Settings

DSLR video camera includes a choice of Automatic modes. These are pre-programmed settings that permit you to choose the maximum shutter speed as well as aperture value for the picture you wish to take. These are very useful for beginner photographers and are handy for skilled photographers who want to take pictures more efficiently. Usually, it is just a matter of getting acquainted and comfortable with the settings. Moreover, remember that every DSLR video camera has variable pre-programmed settings. 

advantages of reading

Advantages Of Reading: Why You Should Read More Often?

The advantages of reading are unlimited but there are some of the top ones listed which we feel are the most powerful. By the time you’ve read this blog post we feel you will have the urge to grab that book you have been thinking of lately.

Whether fiction or non-fiction, there are endless books to broaden your knowledge and imagination. Those that read have been known to have more finely-tuned minds than those that don’t. People hoping to improve their mind should think of adding reading to their daily routine.


Exposure Metering Modes: Learning Around The Basics!

How far do you know your camera?

The first thing you need to know with your digital camera, are the ways to measure the light on the subject that you are capturing. DSLRs have an integrated TTL (Through-The-Lens) light meter, which gauges the ambient or reflective light on the subject. The TTL meter should become your new buddy when it involves understanding electronic photography and effectively capturing scenes. Understanding the entirety of this concept will surely improve the quality of your future photographs.

digital photography

Digital Photography. Should You Switch to Digital?

Digital photography allows photographs to be available immediately to share easily with your clients, family, and friends. However, to the traditionalist, digital photography means lowering the standards of the time-honored art of photography. What are the benefits and the drawbacks of digital photography and how does standard photography and digital photography vary?

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